New Patients: Welcome to our Practice

The following are some recommendations to get the most out of an Acupuncture Treatment:

It  can be helpful to bring a list of the medications and supplements you are currently taking as well as any recent blood work.

Please do not brush your tongue on the morning of your treatment as it plays a key role in diagnosing imbalances that we may want to address.  Also please also avoid dark, sugary snacks and beverages, such as hard candies, soda or anything else that may modify the color or coating of your tongue.

It is best not to be too full or too hungry during your treatment.

We have gowns, blankets and heat lamps so feel free to wear your normal day wear.

It is best to avoid any vigorous activities after the treatment.  For example, a hike may be fine after a treatment but it is generally better not to lift weights.

Sometimes in the 24-48 hours following a treatment a 20-30 minute epsom salt bath can be helpful to help the body integrate the treatment.

And always drink plenty of water after a session.


“Allison is amazing! I strongly believe that it is because of her that I have found healing in many aspects of my life. Not only does she help my body feel better but I always feel emotionally better when I leave her appointments. She has a kind and compassionate personality that help to make my appointments even more personal and helpful. I highly recommend going to her. After a few appointments with Allison you will notice a positive change in your body and in your life!”
— J Carpino

“Allison was great! She was warm and inviting. She listened to me and helped me greatly. So grateful for the work she did for me. I would recommend her to long time acupuncture and herbal medicine patients and new ones too!”
— W Holtan

“Allison Howard is a truly enlightened practitioner. She is a receptive, intuitive listener with a wealth of experience in accupunture and Chinese herbs. She has helped me out of severe sciatica and plantar fasciitis pain. She has always made my health and well-being her #1 priority as a patient. I give her my highest recommendation and have received so many benefits from her treatments!”
— K Greene


Informed Consent Form (download and print PDF)

New Patient Intake Form (download and print PDF)